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Royal Australian Navy Engineering Officer
Australian Defence Force Career
01/1990 to 06/1997

01. Led subcontractor and partner / strategic alliance selection processes for information systems, technology, and telecommunications companies such as Microsoft, IBM, CSC, and Telstra.
02. Chief Information Systems director to the Navy Lotus Notes /X400-X500 Electronic Information Exchange Project.
03. Chief Information Technology director Navy's mobile telecommunication upgrade project.
04. Initiated a Telecommunications A$it into communications equipment and infrastructure.
05. Developed and integrated an EDI System with IBM and Telstra, for IT and Telecommunications project procurement.
06. Managed the implementation of a National Technology Asset Management System.
07. Managed all major project funding for information technology & information system projects across Naval Support Command.
08. Financial management (budget A$28.5 million-2019, delegation A$1.85 million-2019).
09. Led and managed a three-person team.

01. Directed and managed national administrative information systems including hardware and software maintenance, replacement, and upgrade programs.
02. Planned and prioritized development of Navy's wide area network and deployment of new local area networks.
03. Supervised research and development programs for new hardware and software acquisitions.
04. Planned network data/voice/video integration with telecommunications group.
05. Supervised major hardware and software projects including costs estimation and reporting.
06. Financial management (budget A$6.2 million-2019, delegation A$1.85 million-2019).
07. Led and managed an eleven-person team.

01. Directed and project managed national replacement programs for main ship machinery and associated systems.
02. Designed, and integrated a 20 node LAN.
03. Developed and integrated a computerized significant assembly replacement forecasting system that resulted in 20% budget savings.
04. Developed and integrated a national maintenance information system.
05. Planned logistics projects for major Patrol Boat systems maintenance periods.
06. Initiated the main power generator replacement project to Request for Quotation stage.
07. Financial management (budget A$10.5 million-2019, delegation A$1.85 million-2019).
08. Led and managed a six-person team.

01. Planned major structural, mechanical, and electrical maintenance to ships HMAS SUCCESS, HMAS JERVIS BAY, and HMAS BRISBANE.
02. As Engineering Officer of the Watch at sea operated main and auxiliary propulsion systems and anciliary systems.
03. At sea led daily Damage Control and Firefighting training exercises.
04. As Marine Engineering Officer planned logistics projects for major ships systems maintenance periods.
05. Completed the design (CAD) and implementation planning for major compartment refurbishments.
06. Led and managed a twenty-person team.

On completion of the Marine Engineering Officer Applications Course HMAS CERBERUS, I was awarded the Institute of Marine Engineers Bi-Centennial Silver Medal for "outstanding performance during training as a Marine Engineering Officer in the ROYAL AUSTRALIAN NAVY".

Commission and Service Certificate

1997 - Awarded by Director General Career Management Navy
Date of Separation: 13 June 1997
Date of Entry: 15 January 1990

1991 - Whilst serving aboard HMAS BRISBANE, Destroyer Designated Guided 41, I received my Commission to be an Officer of the Royal Australian Navy by His Excellency The Governor General of Australia, The Honourable William Hayden dated 30 May 1991.

Good Character

Australian Federal Police - National Police Certificate
AFP Ref: 6077469PC
Dated: 09 December 2019
Result: "no disclosable court outcomes"